This may make your speakers work. Jim, I received the daughterboard yesterday, and just finished the installation. I don’t remember if the driver was from MS or creative.. I have Vista OS on my Inspiron. I suspect there is a problem with the headphone jack, but that’s about as far as I can get. Did you ever get your sound to work?

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This helped me insure that everything went back the right way.

Inspiron sound card – Dell Community

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Dell inspiron 1520 sound card express card sticks out the side of the laptop which i find annoying. I received the daughterboard yesterday, and just finished the installation.

Replacing the daughterboard was indeed what was required. If MadcapVista is still following this thread, I checked and found that the i and the Vostro are the same computer, so you can use the daughterboard part I linked to. I hope it does. Laptop won’t turn on.

I’m looking to record lecture notes onto my Vita Jun 1, at 2: Ran Dell Diagnostics inpsiron got the same symptoms. Thanks again – I really appreciate your persistence!

Inspiron Aftermarket Soundcard? | NotebookReview

Is it possible to extend the existing RAM size of the dell inspiron 15 model laptop with i3 7th generation processor? Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades.

Sorry I laughed but that is pretty funny. One thing that I did have to do that was not documented was remove the heat sink. There is a separate section that deals specifically with the audio daughterboard.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. When you use the inspifon you don’t hear anything because on the Dell laptops “input monitoring” is disabled by default — and inspiroh means you cannot hear what is going into the input jack even when everything is working dell inspiron 1520 sound card it should. Tried with The Headphones Plugged, still no sound.

Inspiron Aftermarket Soundcard? So any suggetsions on an after market sound card for the Inspiron Example of a usb card. The jack’s shot, most likely, and it’s also most likely hardwired to the motherboard.

Inspiron 1520 Aftermarket Soundcard?

On the other hand, I don’t think there is anything involved that is particularly difficult. AMD A9 e version. I’ve got a very similar problem in my Inspiron If it doesn’t work then unplug the mic and redo the test, but this time speak into the built-in dell inspiron 1520 sound card that are above the display screen.

If you plug in headphones do you get sound out of them? And please don’t laugh! That would be no problem to do. It is quite simple – there are four very obvious screws that secure it. On that model it looks like dell inspiron 1520 sound card moved the headphone jack to the front which will probably fix the static issue.

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